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Educate impact pillar



Bring transparency to the dog boarding and daycare industry to enable dog guardians and families to make more informed and educated decisions about their dog’s care.


Time & Donation Allocation

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Key Outputs & Activities 

  • Developing and distributing educational and informative materials for pet parents through local businesses, organizations or pet-focused events. Materials would include information such as:

    • What to look for in a dog daycare

    • What to look for in a dog boarding or kennel facility

    • What to look for in a dog park

    • What to look for in a dog trainer

    • Leashing, snake safety, dog body language


  • The creation of "The Roland Standard”, a set of minimum standards for dog safety, communication and transparency that prioritize the needs of dogs and their guardians.

progress & updates

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Dog Daycare Evaluation

Guide Launch

We are so excited to have our first educational resource ready for distribution! We consolidated guidance from multiple sources into an easy to digest guide covering topics across Dog Safety, Communication & Transparency, Staff and Training Certification, and Your Dog’s Daycare Experience.

Download the guide now:

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Dog Daycare & Boarding Safety Research Launch

The stories, experiences and perspectives you all share will help us create a recommendation that we will be sharing with our local and state reps. The stories are what bring the urgency to life. The stories make this real. The stories ensure the memory of our dogs live on.


We will also be using this information to create a set of voluntary safeguards called “The Roland Standard” that will be shared with local daycares and boarding facilities to encourage them to adopt and raise the bar when it comes to safety, communication and transparency.

The survey closed on October 31, 2023. If you missed the survey, but have a story you can share it with us here.

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coming soon

Confidence Guide for

the Shy Silly Goose

Our hope is that this guide will help dog parents across Austin become stronger advocates for the needs of their shy dogs. Roland was our first dog and it was so overwhelming trying to figure out what was best for him. 

This should act as a resource to think through the ways you can continue to enrich the life of your shy silly goose and ensure that you are advocating for their needs out in the world. It can feel like you need your dog is “supposed to be” the extroverted life of the party, but just like people - every dog is different! 

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