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Austin dogs deserve better coalition

Interested in getting involved with the Austin Dogs Deserve Better Coalition? Read below to find out more and sign up!

Austin Dogs Deserve Better Coalition Sign up & Application

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General Information

Which of the following best describe you?

There are three options for getting involved in the coalition. 

Low Commitment

Keep me informed, I can share information on my social media.

Coalition Member
Medium Commitment 

I want to attend events,

contact my representatives.

If a business owner - I am willing to adopt any voluntary safeguards recommended.

Coordinating Council
High Commitment


I want to be a part of the core committee and actively help drive the direction and goals of the coalition.

**Requires full application** 

What is your desired level of involvement?

If applying to be a part of the Coordinating Council, the remaining questions are required.

If signing up to be a Follower or Coalition Member, you can skip to the bottom of the application and submit.

If applying to be on the Coordinating Council, please confirm the following statements:

Thank you for helping us fight for Austin dogs!

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