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Amplify the needs of local Austin rescues/shelters, showcase long-stay or shy dogs needing adoption, and drive actionable support for the most vulnerable pets in rescue, shelter or foster care.


Key Outputs & Activities 

  • Supporting local shelter and rescue organizations through monetary and physical donations.

  • Creating foster kits for distribution at rescues to help promote fostering.

  • Volunteering time at shelters or time to create in-need items for rescues (blankets, stuffed KONGs, etc.)

  • Amplifying and showcasing long-stay/shy dogs needing adoption. 

  • Attendance at local pet events or rescue/shelter events to bring awareness to RSGC and distribute educational materials and garner additional support.


Time & Donation Allocation

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Silly Goose ShowcaSE

Our first round of Silly Geese were adopted! (Yay Acorn and Puppers!!) We are on the look out for our next showcase, so stay tuned for our next round of rescues!

progress & updates

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Designated the local non-profit beneficiary for the 4th Annual Doggy Drag Show, hosted by Paws on Chicon

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 "Chihuahua" Sponsor for PAWS Shelter of Central Texas' 19th Annual Dinner by the Bite Fundraiser and Auction

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Sponsor for PAWS Shelter of Central Texas' Dog Days of Summer Adoption Event

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Raised $3,000 through donations and matching for Roland's Birthday fundraiser, benefitting New Hope Animal Rescue

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Launched the "Silly Goose Showcase" to highlight shy dogs up for adoption through local rescues and shleters

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Donated $200 worth of blankets to Austin Animal Center ahead of cold fronts and freezes hitting Austin in 2022

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