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Roland loved sunbathing, going on walks in his canary yellow harness, and savoring the occasional French fry. We have so many amazing memories of taking him to get doggy froyo at Paws on Chicon, him playing with his BFFs Nico, Ralph and Poncho and him even strutting his stuff on the runway at the Blue Owl Dapper Dog fashion show.


He was, and will forever be, our silly goose.


On October 15th, our silly goose was killed while in the care of an Austin dog daycare, as a result of lax safety measures. He was only a year and a half old. Following his death, the daycare faced zero consequences and under Texas law, Roland was just a piece of property to be quantified with receipts.


This was unacceptable and we knew we had to change it.


Roland's Silly Goose Crew Inc. is the culmination of all of the pain, frustration, and anger we have felt and had to internalize since October 2022. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to advocate for change in the dog daycare industry (and beyond), support local animal shelters and rescues, educate the community on dog safety and empower dog parents to be stronger advocates for their dogs.

Our non-profit impact Pillars

Roland's Silly Goose Crew is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit (EIN: 92-2542861). When you donate to our organization, you are impacting the lives of Austin and Texas dogs through our three Impact Pillars: Educate, Regulate and Advocate. Each pillar is designed to create a narrowed focus for maximum impact. 

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Meet the team

We are a tiny but mighty crew of passionate Austinites ready to fight for Austin dogs. Everything you see with the Silly Goose Crew name on it was created by this team of amazing people.

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